Senior Instructor

Dr Suzanne Ravenall B.Msc. M.Msc. Msc.D.

Suzanne is a modern day explorer of human potential, she is an entrepreneur, transformation Coach, consciousness engineer, CEO, key note speaker & integrative medicine practitioner. Suzanne has a successful corporate career, she went onto build a successful business, racked up a number of international Top Women & Leadership awards, and while doing so, covered up great trauma. She then pivoted and dedicated her life to understanding how and why we behave as we do and in doing so, has helped many people adventure & discover their true nature, uncover how current challenges stem from decisions taken when we were too young to remember, how to release & clear the patterns that continuously compel us to create and/or repeat these same patterns that cause pain and suffering. She provides a framework to leverage these in a practical way to achieve the best easiest happiest most fulfilling version of ourselves.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    SECTION A: Teaching Process for Inner Cultivation

    • Inner Cultivation: Index

    • Inner Cultivation: Checklist

  • 2

    DAY ONE: Inner Cultivation

    • (A) Cards: ORIENTATION ~ The 3 treasures & 5 Essences

    • (B) Cards: Illness and health in the inner tradition

    • (C) Cards: Four ways this seminar helps us: Repatternings, Light, Mudras & Acupuncture points

    • (D) Cards: The Heart - The SHEN ESSENCE - Truth

  • 3

    DAY TWO: Inner Cultivation

    • (E) Cards: V ~ Heart Protector

    • (F) Cards: VI ~ Triple Heater

    • (G) Cards: II ~ Small Intestine

    • (H) Cards: VI ~ Triple Heater

  • 4

    DAY THREE: Inner Cultivation

    • (I) Cards: Bladder Meridian ~ Water Element

    • (J) Cards: VIII Liver ~ THE HUN ESSENCE ~ benevolence & evolution

    • (K) Cards: VII ~ Gall Bladder

    • (L) Cards: IX Lung Official – THE PO ESSENCE – Righteousness

  • 5

    DAY FOUR: Inner Cultivation

    • (M) Cards: X ~ Large Intestine

    • (N) Cards: XII Spleen ~ THE YI ESSENCE ~ integrity

    • (O) Cards: XI ~ Stomach

    • (P) Cards: Closure