Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Admin

    • How to use this course

    • Trouble shooting guide for students to trouble shoot any errors in accessing the system use the link below

    • Introduction to your Teacher

    • Resonance Repatterning Welcome Pack

  • 2


    • Links for free online pianos, apps and links for toning the notes

    • Cricket Chorus

    • Self Regulation / Relaxed body tips

    • Self Regulation Wet Noodle

    • Feelings & Needs lists

    • Tips on being a good practitioner

    • 26 Jin Shin Jyutsu energy locks

    • Quantum healing codes download

    • Makka Ho exercises - credit heart mind body system

    • Chinese clock

    • Blank sheet for S-K'o cycle to print out and use with sessions

    • 5 Elements key summary

    • Teeth Acupuncture Chart

  • 3

    Demo's downloading over time

    • Seasonal Repatterning Demo / Talk through

    • Session notes Seasonal Repatterning

    • Decision Making Repatterning Demo / Talk through

    • Session notes for decision making repatterning

    • 24 hour Repatterning Demo / Talk through

    • 24 hour repatterning session notes

    • Part 1 Five Element & Meridian repatterning Demo / Talk through

    • Part 2 Five Element & Meridian Repatterning Demo / Talk through

    • Sessions notes Five element and meridian repatterning

    • Mu Point Repatterning Demo / Talk through using pen holding the point

    • Session notes mu point repatterning

    • Five Element Qualities Repatterning Demo / Talk through

    • Session notes five element qualities

    • Abundance Repatterning Demo / Talk through

    • Session notes abundance repatterning

  • 4

    Week 1 Day 1

    • Part1 Welcome / Goal for programme / Orientation / addition to energy understanding / Creation of the 5 elements / 5 elements & emotions / why we stay stuck in emotions / Q&A

    • Part 2 Consequences when we are off / toning the 5 elements / introduction to the abundance repatterning / introduction to the fire element / introduction to the wood element /

    • Part 3 Introduction to the water element / introduction to the metal element / introduction to the earth element / Q&A

    • Five elements programme for the day & Slides

  • 5

    Week 2 Day 2

    • Slides including programme overview Meridians Day 2

    • Welcome / General feedback chat on the last week

    • Orientation / Grounding the group & spiral up tools for orientation / overview of the programme

    • Recap / emotions / pulling it all together / Ying & Yang /

    • Meridians / Q&A / Session on all meridians

    • Sheng / K'o Cycle

    • Feedback from the practical / Discussion

  • 6

    Week 3 Day 3

    • Slides Day 3 Meridians

    • Chinese clock

    • Blank sheet for S-K'o cycle to print out and use with sessions

    • 5 Elements key summary

    • Welcome & Orientation - (i must have a thing going on with dates - even here i talk about today and tomorrow for training :):))

    • Programme overview / Q&A / recap / chat

    • Time clock intro and discussion on 24 hour time cycle repatterning

    • 24 hour time cycle repatterning together

    • 5 element qualities repatterning into and repatterning together

  • 7

    Week 3 Day 4

    • Slides Day 4

    • Welcome & Orientation Harmonic Overtones & Mu Points by Andreea Derisdan

    • Introduction to the practice for the Mu Point Repatterning

    • Discussion around the elements & Seasonal Repatterning Practice

    • Discussion around assessing the five elements

    • Decision Making repatterning together along with five element analysis

  • 8

    Wrap up

    • Wrap up intro & Orientation

    • Pentatonic update and Q&A

    • Ideas / discussion / help in running a business / Q&A

    • Grouding / feeling into your own energy field / clearing your own energy field / setting up permission / running energy

    • Tools to help you in your business

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Senior Instructor

Dr Suzanne Ravenall B.Msc. M.Msc. Msc.D.

Suzanne is a modern day explorer of human potential, she is an entrepreneur, transformation Coach, consciousness engineer, CEO, key note speaker & integrative medicine practitioner. Suzanne has a successful corporate career, she went onto build a successful business, racked up a number of international Top Women & Leadership awards, and while doing so, covered up great trauma. She then pivoted and dedicated her life to understanding how and why we behave as we do and in doing so, has helped many people adventure & discover their true nature, uncover how current challenges stem from decisions taken when we were too young to remember, how to release & clear the patterns that continuously compel us to create and/or repeat these same patterns that cause pain and suffering. She provides a framework to leverage these in a practical way to achieve the best easiest happiest most fulfilling version of ourselves.